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Richard's Wisdom: Both Averages Must Confirm

Daily Recap

Stocks had a choppy day today, down 100 points on the Dow early based on weak oil, crude oil, and British pound prices. The closely watched employment report came out, showing 156,000 new jobs, below the expected 176,000 number. But wages, hours worked, and number of workers all rose, so it really wasn't a bad showing overall, and an hour from the close the Dow was actually in positive territory.

US Treasuries prices slipped, in line with an increased perception that the Fed will raise interest rates next month. The dollar, which has had a good week, slipped a bit, as did oil. The US dollar index finished down 0.24%, while oil lost 1.3%.  

Precious metals were mostly a bit higher, with gold up $1, platinum up $1, and silver up 18 cents.  XAU was essentially unchanged for the day.  

By closing time, the Dow was down 0.1%, while the NASDAQ and S&P ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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