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  • 1/1/16 - New Year's Day
  • 1/18/16 - Martin Luther King Day
  • 2/15/16 - Washington's Birthday
  • 3/25/16 - Good Friday
  • 5/30/16 - Memorial Day
  • 7/4/16 - Independence Day
  • 9/5/16 - Labor Day
  • 11/24/16 - Thanksgiving
  • 12/26/16 - Christmas (observed)
  • 1/1/17 - New Year's Day

  • 1/1/14 - New Year's Day
  • 1/20/14 - Martin Luther King Day
  • 2/17/14 - Washington's Birthday
  • 4/18/14 - Good Friday
  • 5/26/14 - Memorial Day
  • 7/3/14 - early close
  • 7/4/14 - Independence Day
  • 9/1/14 - Labor Day
  • 11/27/14 - Thanksgiving
  • 11/28/14 - early close
  • 12/24/14 - early close
  • 12/25/14 - Christmas
  • 1/1/15 - New Year's Day
  • We publish every day that the markets are open at 2pm PST. 


    Each day we publish the Daily Recap, plus a weekly columnist most days, as follows:


    Monday - Matt's Market Insights by Matthew Kerkhoff

    Tuesday - Strebler's Perspective by Jon S. Strebler

    Wednesday - The Income Investor by Carla Pasternak is published on the first Wednesday of every month.  Other Wednesdays we publish the Daily Recap only.

    Thursday - The International Investor by Benjamin J. Butler

    Friday - Richard's Wisdom by the Dow Theory Team


    Letters are published every three weeks.  Letters feature either the most recent or "best of" Richard's Wisdom, Matt's Market Insights and Strebler's Perspective.  The columns are sometimes edited for length. Letters are available on the website, and are mailed to those who have subscribed to the print letter edition.

    Daily Remarks are published each day that the markets are open. Letters are published every three weeks and contain a summary of the most pertinent information included in the Daily Remarks over the prior three weeks.