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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide an overview, according to Dow Theory, other technical and economic indicators and fundamental data, via interesting and engaging writing that includes aspects of history, politics, society and human nature, that will assist readers to understand the markets, invest profitably, and position themselves for the future.




  • Integrity. Our goal is to serve our subscribers – to help them understand the markets and finance, invest intelligently, and sleep peacefully at night. We do not engage in spam marketing and other practices aimed at exciting or scaring people.
  • Mythbusting. We aim to get behind the official stories put out by the government and mainstream media to what is really going on. We also publish investor education columns that endeavor to correct misinformation and provide a background for understanding technical analysis and market behavior.
  • We are family. Richard Russell has always written in a very honest and personal manner, and shared with subscribers his musings on life, his family ups and downs with his wives and five children, his adventures with health and aging, and most recently his newfound spirituality. Perhaps this is why some subscribers have been with us for over 50 years, and even more are multigenerational – their parents or grandparents subscribed. We hear from our subscribers frequently, and they truly feel like family to us. Dow Theory Letters is now managed by Richard’s oldest offspring, Daria Russell Doering. So from our family to yours, come on in! Whatever your age or level of investing experience, we provide a virtual home for financial travelers to take shelter and solace and hear the straight story, in the house that Richard Russell built.