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Richard's Thoughts On Taking Action

Daily Recap

Today was another slow one, with little in the way of excitement other than early morning cyber attacks on a number of large US companies. Otherwise, the dollar was up a bit (98.69 on the index), as traders seem more confident of interest rate hikes by year end. 


Treasury bonds and most T-notes were up today. Crude oil was up half a percent, staying above the $50/bbl. mark, while precious metals were quietly mixed.

In the end, there were no surprises. Asian and European stocks finished mixed, up or down tiny amounts.  And so it was in the US, with the Dow down 16, the NASDAQ up 16, and the S&P 500 essentially unchanged.  

Gold gained a dollar, silver up a whole penny, but platinum down a buck. Yawn! Mining shares traded lower, with XAU down 60 cents



Richard's Thoughts On Taking Action

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