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How to Buy Stocks for Half Price (Part 2)

Daily Recap

U.S. stocks whimpered out of the gate this morning, apparently more interested in digesting recent gains than pushing higher. Overall this a good sign, as the market has been racing higher at breakneck speed. Declines were led by retail and health care stocks, and were offset by strength in the utilities and a handful of tech companies.


Overall, the Industrials fell 85 points while the Transports suffered a larger decline of 1.4%. The S&P 500 declined 0.32% while the Nasdaq, the best performer of the four, was essentially flat, falling 0.03%.


Overseas markets fared better. In Europe, a 2.44% rise in Spain's IBEX helped lead the Stoxx 600 to a 0.12% gain, and the Europe Dow to a 0.62% gain. Asia was spit between gains and losses, and that resulted in the Asia Dow rising 0.26%. The Global Dow Index was also up, by 0.15%.


Bonds were well received today as prices rose across ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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