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Records Abound

Daily Recap

Once again, today's is a rather similar storyline. The Dow Industrials open sharply higher, while the S&P and NASDAQ are about flat. But during the day, the Dow adds more upside points, as the other two come around to its way of thinking. The main impetus was again strong earnings reports, this time from 3M and Caterpillar, along with some other big names. Residual optimism about tax reform also factored into the day's advances. 


Foreign markets were either up or down today, depending on which data one considers. The Asia Dow fell by 0.13% (odd, considering that Japan, China, and S. Korea were all higher) and the STOXX 600 by 0.36%. The latter was odder still, considering that all the five largest European exchanges were up on the day; bad data on the part of the regional indices? Brazil, Mexico, and Canada were all higher, with only Chilean shares trading lower. 


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