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Daria Russell Doering


Daria Russell Doering grew up hearing tidbits of financial wisdom (mostly, “don’t spend your capital!”) from her father, Richard Russell. At San Diego State University, she majored in economics in order to delve more deeply into the field.  Daria married and had three children while pursuing further education and a career.  Following her family’s interest in psychology and spirituality, Daria earned an M.Ed. in teaching (with a concentration in character education) from the University of San Diego and an M.A. in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  She taught middle and high school (all subjects including economics) for over ten years for a charter school, a parochial school and the juvenile court schools before joining Dow Theory Letters.  She says that the fields of finance and investing and running a business are quite challenging, but not as much work as teaching!  Daria and her husband Mike are also real estate investors and manage their own rental properties.  They live in an historic part of San Diego, and their children are all in college now.  In her spare time Daria enjoys reading, writing, running, and playing the accordion!