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Benjamin J Butler

Benjamin J. Butler ( is a Futurist, Writer and Catalyst. He is founder of the Emerging Future Institute (, a contributing writer to Dow Theory Letters and CEO of a creativity consultancy, Apotheosis Consulting. He has advised numerous clients from financial institutions and corporations to sovereign wealth funds and individual investors. He is a sought after keynote speaker at conferences around the world. 


His passion is uncovering the truth in a plethora of excessive information and over-thinking in our modern digital age. As an observer of trends, Benjamin is very much the multi-disciplinarian, fusing insights from finance, economics, business, philosophy and society. Inspired by the likes of Peter Lynch and “Investment Biker” (Jim Rogers), Benjamin spends much time on the road, whist a resident of Hong Kong, ascertaining the pulse of the global economy. He has been noted for making prescient forecasts: predicting the oil boom from 2003, the rebound in the Japanese economy in 2005 and its subsequent demise, the resurgence of China in 2004 and the GFC in 2008.


He attended King’s College London’s School of Law and graduated in Economics and Japanese at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London in the 1990s. He has served in senior positions at UBS, Nomura, Morgan Stanley, hedge funds and as a board director. He has also been an advisor to the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on collective intelligence.