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Letter 1591

Richard’s Wisdom – 


“Richard’s Thoughts on Bull Markets and Corrections”


Richard’s Comments:


The single most difficult concept to get across to investors (and I say this after many years of writing about it) is the concept of the great primary trend of the market. A primary trend, bull or bear, once set in motion, does not reverse until it is EXHAUSTED. A bull market such as this one, for example, will not top out until the bull forces have totally spent themselves. Thus, a bull market will not die on bad news, it will not collapse on presidential attacks, economic recessions, corporate disasters or political threats.


A bull market will only end when the internal bullish forces have exhausted themselves and there is nowhere to go but down. When that happens, when the next bear market begins, all the Fed monetary flooding and all the congressional hoopla in the world will not turn the bear ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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