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Letter 1598

Richard’s Wisdom – "How I Became a True Believer"


Richard's Comments


I’ve got a lot of new subscribers who don’t know much about me. I also have many faithful long-time subscribers, and never a day goes by when one of my readers doesn’t ask me to write something about the War. I just turned down a free round trip to participate in the WWII commemorative event in Washington DC. In lieu of that trip, I thought I’d repeat one of my WWII stories. So here goes.


It's early in the year 1945. I've just crawled my way into the plexiglass nose of our two engine B-25 Mitchell medium bomber. I'm the bombardier-navigator of our six-man crew – it's my job to use the top-secret Norden bomb-sight and drop the bombs where they're supposed to go. (The Norden bombsight is a top-secret instrument, and every bombardier has taken an actual oath to guard the Norden ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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