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Letter 1556

January 21, 2015


Gold has entered a resumption of its bull market and is climbing higher in a zigzag pattern -- two steps up, one step down. The big, in-the-know money is reaching for gold and gold miners. Last week spot gold was selling at 1274, continuing its jagged pattern towards a breakout at 1300.


Unsurprisingly, the sentiment toward gold has brightened too. In coming years, we’ll see a panic to own physical gold. The most derided object in the world will become its most treasured item. I believe the new gold rush is just beginning, but you can still buy physical gold. If you can, trade in your fiat dollars for real constitutional money. Just as gold was hated a year ago, it will be loved and wanted a year from now. Nothing is more loved than the item that was hated before. Another option is to buy CEF, the central fund ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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