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Letter 1550

I've been thinking, the people at the Fed may be deceivers and even liars, but they are not stupid. They know that the current system depends on constant, never-ending growth. But they also know that "no tree grows to the sky." So what are they really thinking? The people at the Fed realize that they have good jobs and that they have prestige. They also know that they will continue their Keynesian policies for as long as they are employed by the Fed. And then when the system breaks down, which it must some day, they will be retired and the next Fed employees will take over. So enjoy it while it lasts and let the next guy deal with the ugly consequences. The Fed members may be deceitful and given to lies -- but they are not stupid.

I think the worst offender was Alan Greenspan, who while younger wrote a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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