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Letter 1549

My friends, the Aden sisters, have studied gold for decades -- they are indeed gold experts. In their recent report, the Adens note that gold runs in cycles. Gold tends to form key bottoms every 7-8 years, and it forms key tops every 11 years. The Adens believe that gold is now in the process of forming an important bottom, prior to the beginning of a new bull market to start next year.

The first chart below shows gold riding up a large channel. But in 2011 gold broke below its lower channel line and lapsed into a correction or bear market. Interestingly, gold has now formed a series of ascending lows as it continues its bottoming process. In bottoming, each low is above the preceding low (see second chart below). These ascending lows are usually a sign of accumulation. Note the 200-day moving average on the chart. The 200-day MA ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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