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Daily Recap

Britain has a new Prime Minister, the second woman ever in that role. Ahead of great uncertainty for that country, the UK and other European shares drifted sideways to lower.

US shares have traded erratically as well. Nearing the close, the Industrials are up 0.1%, while the NASDAQ and S&P are down about the same amount.

Oil is having a tough time, with a reported increase in US supplies of black gold. It ended up giving back most of yesterday's gains, though our two energy stocks are holding onto most of their rise from yesterday.

Bonds rose a bit today, as interest rates gave back about a third of yesterday's big jump. The US dollar index is 0.3% lower.

The day's big winners are the precious metals. Gold is $10 higher, platinum up $6, and silver up 20 cents. XAU again shows the mining shares' underlying strength, recouping all of yesterday's big decline. So ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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