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Two High-Yield Survivors Yielding Up to 5%

Daily Recap

Today's main feature was the Fed's statement about the state of the economy and implications for interest rates in the near future. The Fed is more concerned about the economy than it was a month or two ago, and thus less likely to raise interest rates.


The result was a drop in the US dollar and a rush into Treasury bonds, pushing yields lower. The stock market responded favorably, but then wasn't so sure about the whole thing. The Dow shed over 200 points, after being down more than 270 points at one point. Asian and European markets closed before the Fed's announcement, after mostly uneventful trading.

Gold and silver had been trading about unchanged from yesterday, but gold gained strength as the stock market fell. It's finishing up about $5, with the mining shares adding more than 2% to their gains earlier in the week.


Two High-Yield Survivors Yielding Up to 5%

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