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Richard's Thoughts on the Perfect Business

Daily Recap

Today's big story was the Bank of Japan's failure to take further meaningful monetary action.  Some see this as a sign of the BOJ thinking that monetary policy has about run out of ammo and effectiveness.

Most markets took it positively, with Asian, European, and most US stock indices finishing higher.  The Global Dow ended about unchanged, however, and the Dow Industrials lost 25 points.

Oil and energy stocks started lower, but rallied strongly and finished the day higher.

Precious metals had another good day.  Gold gained $16, silver 19 cents, and platinum $14.



Richard's Thoughts on the Perfect Business

By Mary Anne and Pamela Aden and the Dow Theory Team


Richard's Comments


For my own part, I've been in a number of businesses -- from textiles to book publishing to owning a night club to the advisory business.


Along the way I developed this list of criteria which go to make up the mythical PERFECT BUSINESS. Now ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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