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Richard's Thoughts on Survival Mode

Daily Recap

Well, just another one of those days.  It's really getting sort of boring, as almost every day the market seems ordained to mosey around on its way to finishing higher. There just doesn't seem to be that mystery or excitement, as in, "Gee, I wonder what surprises the market will bring us today?" Mr. Russell used to write about the boring certainty of collecting interest, counting on the magic of compounding. The modern version substitutes rising stocks for interest payments, but the idea seems nearly as certain. For now.

So here we go. The Global Dow tells the big story: up 0.31%, as stock prices rose around the world. In fact, an online story today stated that this is "the first synchronized global economic uptrend ever" – a pretty darn bold claim. EVER? However true, it does help explain a few things. Such as the Asia Dow up 0.56%, the STOXX ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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