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Richard’s Thoughts on Non-Confirmations

Daily Recap

What can you say? A few days of quiet optimism, and then our president decides to take a very dangerous situation, and up the ante a few more notches. Why in the world stocks didn't tumble vigorously at the opening, as predicted, I don't know. But they gradually did so throughout the day, taking the Dow down some 700 points an hour from the close. Trade war - back again, along with the Fed chair saying he expects to keep ramping up interest rates this year. How in the world THIS is a surprise, I also have no clue. The market does whatever it does.

European stocks were all in the red today, but only modestly so; the STOXX 600 ended with a 0.35% ho-hum loss. Asia turned out to be the true champ of chill, though, as the Asia Dow ho-hummed to a 0.03% decline. Brazilian and Canadian shares were ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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