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Richard's Thoughts On Kondratieff Cycle

Daily Recap

Yet another up day, adding even more to the notion that maybe Brexit isn't the end of the world after all. Even continental European bourses were higher by almost 1% today, with London up more than 1%. In fact, this ended up being the FTSE's best week since 2011 in terms of the pound. How crazy is that?

Yet the FTSE is down 6% this week, denominated in dollars. At 1.33 dollars to the pound, it's fair to say that the British currency has really been pounded. OK, sorry for that... All in all, the dollar was lower today, down about 0.25%.

But crude oil was up, and Oh My God -- so were the metals. Gold added a "modest" $20 or 1.5%. But look at silver and platinum, up over a buck an ounce and $35 an ounce, respectively. Those are MONSTER moves, 3+% in platinum, and nearly 6% in ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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