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Richard’s Thoughts on Human Nature

Daily Recap

Another day, another set of new highs by a market that is quite simply immune to any negative news.  The glass is always half full in a bull market!  Foreign stocks weren't that strong today, still dealing with N. Korea's latest audacity of shooting missiles over Japan.  The Asia Dow fell 0.26% and Europe's STOXX 600 dropped a similar 0.28%.  The US's northern and southern neighbors saw their stock indices drop today, while South America's two largest exchanges were both up healthy amounts.

Precious metals once again sold off, as good news is usually bad news for them.  What good news?  Not much, really, other than the continuing belief that it will all work out OK, and evidence that the economy and earnings really are moving along nicely.  A surprisingly good CPI number (up 0.4%) is the latest sign of that solid economy.  Gold fell by $9, silver lost 19 cents, and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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