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Richards Thoughts on 10 Best Tips

Richard's Comments


Few investment legends have weathered more than Richard Russell.  Born in the Great Depression, Russell knew what it was like to live in hard times.  And his survival tips are essentially timeless.


1 — Be a skinflint. Cut down on your spending. And be very nice to your boss, assuming you still have a job.


2 — Be skeptical of everything you read. The media is desperate for circulation, and it will slap on the cover of its magazine or newspaper any damn fool statement that it thinks will sell.


3 — Have faith in your gold. As confidence in the whole monetary system slowly fades, the desire for gold will heighten.


4 — Remember, there’s often a large correction prior to the final speculative gold run.


5 — This time there may not be a “final gold rise,” because large interests may just decide never to sell their gold. They’ll keep their gold as ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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