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Remembering What the Word “Peak” Means

Daily Recap

After a brief rest yesterday, US stocks resumed their upward march, accompanied by new all-time highs virtually across the board. With the major averages working on seven or eight days in a row of higher prices, we have the strongest and longest winning streak in 20 years. Strong data was again a feature today, adding to early positive ISM numbers. New jobless claims fell, as did the trade deficit, while factory orders rose 1.2%, versus the expected 1.0%.

Investors are also encouraged by increasing evidence of globally-improving economies, though world indices were less enthusiastic today than their US counterparts. The Asia Dow and the STOXX 600 exactly offset each other: the first down 0.16% and the second up 0.16%. Canada's TSX rose 0.31%, about half of what most US indices gained. Our foreign recommendations, i.e. EEM, VEU, EWY, FXI, FBA, did better though, mostly matching or bettering US stock gains.  

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