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Regime Preservation

Daily Recap

Today was on the mellow side, with markets mostly up or down modest amounts and not a lot in the way of earth-shattering news. Asian stocks finished mixed across the board, with Japan's NIKKEI getting clobbered again, down 3+%.  European stocks did the opposite (mostly higher), benefiting in part by higher oil prices.

Crude oil gained half a dollar, beneficiaries of wildfires in energy-rich Canada.  The precious metals basically took a break.  Gold was down a couple of bucks, platinum up a couple, silver about unchanged.  The mining shares, following big drops the last 3 days, added some 2%.  That places them in the "too high to buy, too low to sell" zone, some say.

Interest rates dropped, perhaps buoyed by a new poll indicating that Donald Trump (who favors lower rates) now has a 40% chance of winning the Presidency, compared to 20% a couple of months ago.  And the US ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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