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Making History

By Benjamin J. Butler


Whilst enjoying a civilized (vegetarian) English breakfast in a quaint little guest house in Devon, I read a wonderful article in the UKs’ Guardian earlier in the week. (I read multiple newspapers regardless of whether they are “left” or “right.”) The journalist George Monbiot talks of an epiphany he had at boarding school, “One of the functions of private boarding schools is to insulate their pupils from the world, ensuring that they remain embedded within the culture and interest of their culture. They sustain a political milieu so consistent that there is little chance of escaping from it. The children inducted in to this system absorb the dominant mores without becoming aware that there might be an alternative.”


Monbiot goes on to say that at his particular boarding school, his headmaster actually censored the books that were brought in by pupils. But in the school hospital, or “sanitarium,” ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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