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Look Overseas for Value and Yield

Daily Recap

Stocks edged lower today in a rocky session full of Trump related developments. Between offering China better trade terms in exchange for help with North Korea and telling the WSJ that the dollar is "getting too strong," nearly all major averages sunk lower.


The Industrials closed out the day down 59 points with the Transports falling much further -- 1.79%. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 were down 0.52% and 0.38%, respectively, while the Utilities managed to gain 0.72%.


In international markets the Stoxx Europe 600 posted a 0.19% gain while the DJ Asia-Pacific Total Stock Market index rose 0.17%. The Global Dow fell 0.22%.


Treasuries rallied, as yields on longer dated bonds continued to fall. The 10-year note now yields 2.26%. The dollar apparently listened to Trump, its index declining 0.45% to close at 100.07.


In response to a weaker dollar, precious metals continued their rise with gold climbing another $4 on top of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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