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Industrial Metals Are Hot – And Still Yielding Up to 4%

Daily Recap

Today was a mostly uneventful day in the markets, with stocks trending lower in most of the world.  Reports that China is rethinking its massive purchases of US debt put a sour tone on things, as US shares traded quite a bit lower in early trading.  

Asian markets were mixed, though the Asia Dow managed a 0.24% gain.  European markets were even more mixed (up), with the Europe Dow up about 1/3% and the STOXX 600 down about 1/3%.  The four largest non-US markets in the Americas all finished lower, following news that the Trump administration may pull the US out of NAFTA.  

US stocks then rebounded throughout the day, finishing with only small losses.  The Industrials closed at 25,357, down only 29 points, while the S&P lost 3 points and the NASDAQ lost 10 points – all three down about 0.10%.  It was a weaker day overall for the market, though, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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