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Accelerating Planetary Transformation

By Benjamin J. Butler


This is the peak in government. During the fall of the Roman Empire, between 244 AD and 268 AD, there were 26 Roman Emperors within a period of 24 years. As the economy begins to turn down, we should expect to see this type of response within politics.

Martin Armstrong

A trio of economists has just published an encouraging new demonstration of the truth of the adage that what does not kill you can sometimes make you stronger. They studied a strike that partially shut down London's underground mass transit system for a couple of days in February last year. Using data from Oyster cards, the electronic tickets that London commuters use, the researchers were able to spot those who chose a different route during the strike action, but never switched back — presumably because they discovered that their new route was better. According to Shaun Larcom, Ferdinand Rauch and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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