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Strebler's Perspective

Last week was all about Thanksgiving in the U.S., with markets taking a back seat for awhile. We in the U.S., along with most people living in fully-developed (a.k.a. wealthy) countries, have so much for which to be thankful. Sure, there are recessions and currency debasement and ISIS and global climate change and so many more nasty things that we could focus on. But the bottom line is that our lives are pretty darn good; the glass is way more than half-full, and it is right that we take time to express our thanks for that.


As regular readers know, I’ve sort of cut the U.S. stock market free lately, free to do whatever it feels it needs to do in this environment that just doesn’t conform to easily relatable models. It’s a bull market, no doubt, but one that I’m resigned to mostly watching from the sidelines, for reasons explained in some detail ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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