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Wealth Trumps Income

Many years ago I predicted that in the future, the missing and most wanted item would be INCOME. Today, with interest rates scraping zero, I believe that wealth trumps income. The world is struggling in the face of deflationary pressures. And although everybody and every nation needs income, income today is as scarce as the proverbial hen’s teeth. 


I believe in reducing the picture to its barest fundamentals. I lived through the Great Depression when wealth was almost nonexistent. Today, seasoned investors have all but given up on income and are settling for wealth. The great stores of wealth are silver, gold, great art, gem grade diamonds, and various collectibles.


I’ve been reading many technical articles, all pointing to the danger in the current market. By all normal standards and valuations, the stock market is in a top area. Sooner or later the great bull market that began in 1980 will be corrected. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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