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This Is It!

Daily Recap

Well, market volatility is here to stay – at least for awhile. US stocks went off the deep end again, with the Dow starting off some 500 points lower. Before long, it was UP about 400 points! Then back down a couple hundred, up a couple hundred – well, you get the idea. And make no mistake – those are BIG price moves!


Overseas markets unsurprisingly were sharply lower, following the US meltdown yesterday. The Asia Dow finished 3.28% lower, and the STOXX 600 fell 2.41%. The main story seems to be "Oh my God! Economies ARE actually strong after all! That means higher interest rates!" Why any of that is a shock is beyond me, which probably means that's not the only reason stocks cratered. Interest rates, which soared Friday, and dropped precipitously yesterday, are once again higher today. The 10-year US note is yielding 2.77%. The US ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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