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Themes for the New Year

Daily Recap

Markets struggled today to digest yesterday's momentous moves. China, once again, was the focus, and managed to more or less stabilize after a huge injection of cash from its central bank. European stock markets had big swings, both up and down sharply. Ultimately, they finished a bit higher on the day.


It seems that US stock markets may or may not do the same. An hour before the close, the Dow is dead even on the day, with other indices up or down just slightly. Oil prices are lower again, but gold is up a couple more dollars on top of yesterday's big gain. 


One market analyst remarked today that "markets are confused," and that certainly sums things up. It looks to be a wild week, and probably a wild year.


Themes for the New Year

by Jon S. Strebler




As most know by now, 2015 ended up being almost a non-event for ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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