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The Five-Year View

By Jon Strebler


Vacationing can be a little tough in this business, even in these times of nearly universal Internet connectivity and instant communication. In part, because things don’t always work in remote spots the way they’re supposed to, but also because by definition, one’s main focus while vacationing is something other than work. So big things can happen and leave a person out of the loop, which isn’t always a good thing.


It was with a measure of relief, therefore, to finally get a detailed look at last week’s markets on Friday, when of course they were closed in the US, due to Good Friday. But the previous four trading days hadn’t added much to the equation either, as virtually all the charts looking just as they had the previous week. Recent daily movements being of no great interest, I decided to scour longer-term charts in search of whatever wisdom they might ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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