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The Market Under Obama

Daily Recap

Markets were muted and mixed today. Stocks in Asia and Europe were about as mixed as it gets; the Global Dow was up precisely a smidgen.

In the US, the Fed's "Beige Book" came out, and showed anecdotal evidence of "modest" growth since mid-July. Stock prices dipped slightly, then traded mostly sideways the rest of the day. Coming into the close, the Dow is down 20 points, with other key indices slightly higher or lower.

Crude added about half a percent, with the buck up just (you guessed it) a smidgen.

Precious metals exhaled after yesterday's big gains. Gold fell $4, platinum lost $10, and silver ceded 29 hard-won cents. The mining shares rallied towards the close, with XAU finishing down only a half point.


The Market Under Obama

by Jon S. Strebler


Jeff Sommer, writing for the New York Times, reminds us that if we had been smart or lucky enough to buy ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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