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Still Brooding Over Berkshire


By Richard Russell


Apple in the DJIA; AT&T out. A wise switch and one that makes sense. I just read an interesting article on the rise of robots. Companies with million of employees like McDonalds and Walmart will be using robots as they fire thousands of employees. I read a comic article recently which stated that robots will soon be used as sexual partners for lonely individuals.


My comment last Friday that the stock market’s first reaction to unexpected news is often the wrong one. An hour before the close today, the Dow is up and back above 18,000 again. As I write gold is selling at 1166.5, below the critical 1200 level.


The news and newspaper headlines are so complex and confusing that I now turn to market action alone. In the spirit of peace of mind, today I sold my small market position in the hopes of finding a more relaxed ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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