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Spring Has Sprung!

By Jon S. Strebler


Spring has sprung all around the northern hemisphere, and few people could be happier than those poor souls who lived through the brutal, snow packed winter in New England. But now it’s all green and flowers and birds, and may bygones be bygones. Except maybe for the extreme flooding that follows extreme snowfalls.


Here in Southern California our historic drought marches on unabated, even as we ponder nature’s inequities in giving most of the country way too much precipitation, and us almost none. But the good news concerns the Pacific Ocean “Blob,” a roughly thousand mile diameter circle of water that is several degrees warmer than the surrounding ocean. It seems to have grown even more recently, bringing a higher probability of a strong El Niño weather pattern in the next year or two. That translates into much more rain and a possible end to the current drought – if the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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