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Deeper Wealth -- Finding the Spiritual in the Financial

By Gary Gach


What is true wealth? As we know, money isn't necessarily wealth. But is “wealth” more than hard assets? The origins of the word wealth point to “happiness,” “prosperity in abundance,” “well-being,” and “health.”


So how do you define true wealth?


I'll start with my dear Aunt Ida. Have you heard of retail therapy? Target is her church. "Just shop," she'd say, "spend as little as five dollars," and, "poof! – worries are gone." If only. And maybe I exaggerate, just a tad. But then one day, out of the blue, my dear aunt, at this point in her late 80s, surprised me during one of our periodic phone calls. “When people talk about spirituality,” she confessed in a whisper, “I haven't any idea what they mean! Can you tell me -- what is 'spirituality'!?” 


I remember saying, "Well, it is a sense of something larger. More than a limited, limiting sense of self. A Bigger Container." (ABC).


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