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Some Perspective on China's Stock Market

By Matthew Kerkhoff


Markets discount future economic conditions. That widespread belief is held by most, if not all, informed market participants, and for good reason. But that blanket statement, and its inherent assumption, are causing global markets a whole lot of undue pain.


Over the last few weeks the financial markets have been dominated by discussions about Greece and China. To be honest, it’s been a little frustrating.


As an analyst/writer, sometimes it feels as if our job is similar to that of a tour guide. Instead of walking through a museum, or the jelly bean factory, pointing out interesting attractions, we attempt to walk investors through developments in financial markets, and what they imply for asset prices moving forward.


A tour guide at the Louvre, for example, has to deal with distractions that take the focus off the beautiful pieces of art that he wants to show the group. A misbehaving child in back can create enough ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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