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Saw-Tooth Markets

By Richard Russell


This is a short week, so I spent most of the day reading a fascinating new book, The Death of Money by James Rickards. Rickards is an extremely intelligent fellow; his previous book, Currency Wars, was spot on. His new book, The Death of Money is even more important and fascinating. Rickards is convinced that the US dollar as a currency is on its way out and we are fast moving towards a collapse of the international monetary system. I agree with Rickards and suggest that my subscribers buy this book or check it out at the library, and pay particular attention the excellent chapter on gold.


Meanwhile, the stock market continues with its saw-tooth pattern of one up and one down, day after day. As I write forty minutes before the close, the stock market continues on its nowhere trend with the Dow down 154 and Transports moving in ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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