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Sure Things

Daily Recap

The US stock market's post-election rally continued today, following minor gains in European share prices and generally lower Asian prices.  In the US, stocks started off lower, but once again gained throughout the day, along with bond prices. 


Good news on retail sales, up 0.8% in October, added to positive sentiment that rising earnings in a Trump economy can remove the overvalued stigma from share prices.  The bottom line was a 54 point gain in the Dow, a whopping 57 point jump in the NASDAQ, and 16 points added to an earlier reluctant S&P 500.


Bonds finally did catch a break, as the 10-year Treasury was up a quarter point, the 30-year up almost a full point.  The dollar index once again rose, finishing above the 100 mark, at 100.16.  Crude oil prices were up sharply, gaining almost 6% to finish at $45.91/bbl. 


Even gold had a good day - up ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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