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Reluctantly Bullish

By Benjamin J. Butler


Seoul, South Korea


Another week passes in South Korea, and I have to decide which trips to do in the next month or so: I have business to do in Berlin, Delhi, Sydney and Hong Kong. But I also have a four-week-old newborn baby and an exhausted wife to contend with! I am sure many readers who are also parents will empathize!


I see one of my roles at Dow Theory as widening the spectacles through which we look at the world. Personally, I like to look at market technicals (of course), economic trends, valuations, market psychology, wider business trends and geopolitics. Many years ago, through reading literature by Peter Lynch (the famous ex Fidelity manager) and Investment Biker about Jim Rogers’ travels around the world on a Harley Davison, I realized the power of travelling and finding anecdotes, and of having dialogues with as many people as I could ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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