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Hyperbole and Random Quotes for Random Markets

By Jon S. Strebler


Some weeks are easier to write about than others. Lately, it’s hard finding , something we haven’t done to death here in recent months. We keep looking for a theme, something of importance, for clarity in markets that are determined not to reveal the future. Get used to disappointment was a classic line from the popular kids’ movie A Princess Bride back in the 1980s, and one piece of advice that’s always remained in the back of my mind. It’s coming in handy a lot these days.


Stock prices were down again last week, including Friday’s 56 point drop in the Dow Industrials. The market’s negativity was fueled by relatively good news on the unemployment front, which in turn prompted William Dudley, the president of the New York Fed, to suggest that a rate hike is still likely this year. Wow – really? This has been considered a done deal for ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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