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Our Bear Market

by Jon S. Strebler


There’s been a lot of discussion about bear markets lately, both here and throughout the world of investments and market analysis. And boy, is there disagreement over the topic! Some say that stocks are in a bear market, some say not; some say there’s no way to know sure, while others give clearly defined criteria for knowing so. 


First off, I have said that US stocks are clearly bearish now. This unequivocal claim in based purely on the Dow Theory and our proprietary PTI that have been the primary bases for categorizing the market here at Dow Theory Letters (DTL) for over 40 years. Both of those indicators can be wrong, of course, but in the interests of continuity, I’m staying with this tried and (mostly) true method that has been the hallmark of DTL.




Many others do not acknowledge the value of either of these indicators, and therefore ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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