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Never a Bad Moment

By Richard Russell


Monday’s market ended mildly on the upside, with the Dow up 6 and the Transports up 58. Gold, still holding bullishly above 1200, by midday was at 1281.


I must say that in all the years I’ve held physical gold, I’ve never had a bad moment, even during the recent three-year correction. In a recent column I suggested that wealth retention trumps the eternal search for income. At this point, in this income-less market, I feel one of the best things we can do is preserve our wealth.


It seems to me that this high volatility market is doing everything it can to keep the retail public away from Wall Street.


Near the close, the Dow is down 279 with Transports down 109. The tech heavy NASDAQ is down 85. Gold near the close is trading at 1295.


With many central banks creating new trillions in fiat money, I feel ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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