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Never Say Never

By Jon S. Strebler


The BBC had a story on the latest Bond (007) film the other night, perhaps the last one starring Daniel Craig. What caught me off guard was that Spectre, the new film, will be number twenty-four in the series of Bond movies - # 24! I would’ve guessed maybe fifteen of these over the years, but then I would’ve been wrong.


Kind of like with the stock market lately. Who would’ve thought that the Dow, which turned bearish earlier this year and was in the 15,000s just a couple of months ago, would have rallied by now into the mid-17,000s! The last Bond film starring the original and best James Bond ever, Sean Connery, came out 32 years ago and was titled Never Say Never Again, which partly refers to people saying years earlier that Connery would never again star in another 007 movie. And that reminds ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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