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Daily Recap

Stocks started the day in Asia with declines across the board, with Japan being the exception.  Europe saw them, then raised them, as London's FTSE fell 2.46% on the Prime Minister's announcement of an upcoming election - much sooner than had been expected.  The STOXX 600 lost 1.11% as selling dominated the continent.


In the US, it was the surprise of Goldman Sach's weak earnings that continued the negative tone.  Concern over N. Korea is still a factor too, and it didn't help that housing starts were down 6.8%.  Stocks started out sharply lower, as the Dow spent much of the day down nearly 150 points.  Shares rallied into the close, and the Dow finished 114 points lower, the S&P and NASDAQ both losing only 7 points.


Elsewhere, bonds rallied in a flight to safety, with the 10-year note finishing below 2.2%, at 2.18% to be precise.  That didn't help the dollar, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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