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Market Not Easily Fooled

By Richard Russell


The shocking news is emerging, the US economy is in bad shape, far from what the Fed and the government would like us to believe. The stock market is not easily fooled and it quickly saw through the bullish propaganda that is being fed to us. In the face of the weak economy, the last thing the Fed will do is raise rates. Thus Janet Yellen hemmed and hawed and declared that the Fed will only raise rates when it perceives that the economy is strong enough to function with rising short rates.


Based on the sloppy economy, I believe if the Fed had its choice, it would bring in QE4. It’s now apparent that creating additional billions of fiat money hardly helps the economy. The fiat money that QE has created has not helped the man on the street; instead it has gone to the richest 1% and to ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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