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Lost in Translation

By Matthew Kerkhoff


The Greek standoff may be coming to an end, with Greece’s creditors claiming the upper hand. Over the weekend Eurozone leaders unanimously agreed to give Greece up to $96 billion in new bailout loans, provided Tsipras immediately implements daunting austerity measures.


By Wednesday, Greece must pass pension overhauls and sales tax increases, two items that are heavily out-of-favor with Greek citizens.


Whether the deal holds largely depends on getting the measures passed through Greece’s Parliament.


Markets globally are embracing the prospect of a deal, evidenced by rallies everywhere. And while it’s comforting to see green across the board, we must remain cautious and watchful. This is by no means a done deal.



China’s market was up overnight, but don’t put much faith in China’s stock market as an indication of anything. It’s a mess over there.


On Friday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) disclosed that it had required all listed firms to provide ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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