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Daily Recap

Along with the beginning theme of today's column, European markets had a very good day, rising to to post-Brexit highs as gauged by the STOXX600.  The German market, which has been having a tepid year, is now in what people are cavalierly calling "bull market territory," as they arbitrarily judge a move of 20% above past lows as a bull market.  That snarkiness aside, the fact is the the DAX is now 20% above its February lows, and that ain't bad - "bull market" or not.  Asian markets were also mostly higher, thus leading to a 0.61% gain for the Global Dow.


Things weren't quite so rosy in the US, where the concern was more on sinking oil prices.  Crude finished the day down 32 cents, at a rather dismal $42.70/bbl.  Added to that was a depressing report from the Labor Department that worker productivity has fallen 0.5% in the second ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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