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It's Still Summer

By Jon S. Strebler


On the West Coast, that means a continuation of generally hot, dry conditions, including the Northwest, which normally escapes the bulk of the heat. Driving up and down the entire coast as I do most years, stress on the environment is hard to miss. From a ban on 4th of July fireworks due to bone-dry conditions in Forks, Washington (one of the nation’s rainiest spots), to the ever more shocking amount of dry ground that has replaced water in California’s huge Lake Shasta – the West Coast is in bad shape. 

By comparison, the stock market doesn’t look so bad. But that’s not to say that all is rosy. We’re now two-thirds into the summer doldrums that once again are living up to their reputation. Compared to May, when we first considered the likelihood of typical sideways, deceptive summer markets, we’re gone essentially nowhere, but with interim false ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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