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Investing and Peace of Mind

By Richard Russell


The markets gave us a happy ending today. The Dow closed at a new record high of 18,140. At the same time, gold was trading at 1201.20, above its critical support of 1200. Hopefully it’s morning in America once more. The trend remains bullish for both the stock market and gold. Good tidings and remarkable discoveries lie ahead for the arsenal of democracy, the United States.


Despite today's respite, however, I believe Greece will pull out of the EU. It all reminds me of the Bible’s Tower of Babel. Too many languages, too many objectives. I never really believed in the United States of Europe. My real belief is in the United States of America.



Ah, the secret of peace of mind. All anxiety has to do with fear of events that may take place in the future. To rid myself of anxiety, I've had to learn to stay ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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